Kidde Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The unit measures simply 5.75 inches in dimension and 1.7 inches deep, and it provides a neutral white finish. It features tamper-resistant attributes to discourage Vandalism or Theft. This combo smoke/CO alarm is UL listed, so you could be confident of its quality, and it is backed by a five-year Limited Warranty.


The Kidde battery-operated carbon monoxide gas and smoke alarm combines two vital safety tools into a single device. This alarm includes a voice notifying system that makes four statements: fire, carbon monoxide gas, reduced battery, or smart hush activation. The voice alert gets rid of any type of complication and plainly advises you and your household of a smoke or carbon monoxide danger, or if you need a new battery. This unit makes use of 3 AA batteries, safeguarding you and your family members even during a power failure.

Ionization-sensing alarm systems might spot unseen fire particles (linked with flaming fires) sooner than photoelectric alarms. Photoelectric-sensing alarms might spot visible bits (linked with smoldering fires) quicker than ionization alarm systems.

Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alert

The Kidde combo carbon monoxide and smoke alarm features a voice warning system that eliminates complication and plainly cautions you and your family of a smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) threat, of reduced battery, or of hush-mode setting.

Alarm Cautions

Fire: The red LED will blink along with by 3 lengthy alert beeps adhered to by a spoken caution message: “Fire! Fire!” The alarm system will continually repeat the pattern till smoke is gotten rid of.

Carbon monoxide gas: 4 short alarm system beeps followed by a spoken caution: “Warning– carbon monoxide gas!” This continues until the device is reset or the Carbon Monoxide is done away with.

After the first hour, the red LED light will blink once every minute and will be accompanied by the chirp sound. The low-battery caution will sound as soon as every 15 minutes.

Voice Hush Indicator: “Hush triggered” and “Hush canceled” voice statement.

Top Degree Memory: If the alert had identified a CO degree of 100ppm or higher when the test/reset button is pressed, the system will announce, “Carbon monoxide formerly spotted” to advise of the Carbon Monoxide event.

Trademarked Hush Function for Ease

By pressing the hush button, you could quickly and securely silence nuisance alarms induced by non-emergency scenarios, such as overcooked suppers.

This function anesthetizes the alarm for roughly 10 mins. If the smoke is not as thick, the alert will silence immediately, the device will vocally announce, “Hush mode turned on,” and the green LED will blink every 2 secs for approximately 10 minutes.

Trusted Battery Power, Sign LED, Examination Function and Low-Battery Caution

The battery-powered alert offers continuous protection, even throughout energy failures. This device features a red LED that blinks every 30 to 40 secs to show that it is running properly due to the fact that this alarm only assists safeguard you if it’s working. For additional comfort, the alert also consists of a test/reset button that allows you to regularly check its systems and horn.
If any type of type of battery failure is found, the red LED light will blink and the device will tweet one time, followed by the caution message, “low battery.” This pattern will occur every minute, and continue for at the very least seven days.


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