Gelco Chimney Protector Multi-Flue Cap


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10″, 12″, and 16″ screen sizes available

See Sizing Information Below


The Gelco Chimney Protector Multi-Flue Cap is made for those times when the 8” screen height is not enough to give you the proper clearance from flue to lid. The Chimney Protector comes in 10”, 12”, and on some sizes 16” screen heights. This allows you to get the minimum 5” clearance between tile and cap lid.

The Gelco Chimney Protector is by far the most popular option in Gelco’s 304 alloy stainless steel multi-flue caps. Even the 3/4” mesh is 304 alloy stainless steel.

The Gelco Chimney Protector comes as a knock down cap which is easily assembled by installing the pins through the hinged corners and fastening the lid to the screen with the provided bolts. Your cap will be assembled in minutes. These knockdown features also make for easy shipping.

Each Gelco Chimney Protector has the added advantage of Gelco’s SwingTabs. These swingtabs make mounting to any crown a cinch. These SwingTabs allow for an inside/outside mount and an easy installation to uneven crowns.

The Gelco Chimney Protector with the 10” screen height come in 14 standard sizes, the 12” screen height in 6 standard sizes, and the 16” screen height is available in only 2 standard sizes.

Each Gelco Chimney Protector Multi-Flue Cap comes with a Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Materials.


Sizing Your Gelco Chimney Protector Multi-Flue Cap

You must be sure to properly size your Multi-Flue cap before ordering. You will need to do the following:

1.Measure the Length of your chimney top and subtract 4 inches (This will be the maximum length of your cap)

2.Measure the width of your chimney top and subtract 4 inches (This will be the maximum width of your cap)

3. From the area your cap will be sitting, Measure the height of any flue liners. Add 5 inches to that height. This will be the minimum screen height that you can use.

4. Once you have gotten your measurements, simply find the size of Gelco Chimney Protector Multi-Flue Cap that will suit your needs and place your order.


Additional information

Screen Height

10", 12", 16"

Base Size

9"x13", 13"x20", 13"x24", 13"x26", 13"x28", 13"x36", 14"x14", 17"x17", 17"x22", 17"x29", 17"x35", 17"x41", 17"x49", 17"x58"


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