Cured Firewood – The Key to a Safe, Efficient Heating System

Are You Utilizing Suitably Cured Firewood?

Cured firewoodIt’s February and over the half of the burning season is gone. Chances are, the same is true about your cured firewood pile. Around this time every year, people start looking for someone selling firewood. The question you should have is “Is the firewood properly cured?”

Believe it or not, the type of firewood you use and if it is properly store, is a big factor in determining how efficiently your heating system will work. At Buckeye Valley Chimney Service, we want you to be aware of the importance of selecting and storing the right type of cured firewood for the remainder of this season.  These tips will also help you to prepare for future safe and comfortable wood burning seasons.

What to Stay Clear Of

After it is cut, wood typically takes six to nine months or more to dry out or cure. Firewood that is Green or Wet delivers less heat and produces more creosote build up in your chimney. This in turn creates a potential fire hazard. It is imperative, whether buying firewood midway through the burning season or before the burning season, that the wood you get is cured.

Things to Search For in Cured Firewood

Seasoned firewood is generally wood which is permitted to completely dry before it is burned. When the wood is cut to size, it is without a doubt best to split it and allow for sunlight and wind exposure during the several months it requires to cure. Upon examination, cured firewood might possibly be splintered on the ends to signal a lack of moisture content.

Check for bark. If your firewood has bark, try to remove it. If the bark easily comes off the wood, your firewood is drying. Leaving the bark on the wood will actually slow down the curing process.

A sound evaluation can additionally be performed by hitting 2 pieces of wood together. Cured firewood produces a higher pitched thud noise while green wood makes a flat suppressed tone signifying moisture content. You will also find that cured firewood is generally much lighter than uncured firewood.

Efficient ways to Store Your Firewood

It is optimal to keep firewood in a specific outdoor storage shed. There, it should shielded by a roof covering yet exposed on the ends to allow adequate air movement. This air movement as well as some exposure to sunlight will help to support drying until it is seasoned. After the firewood is cured, it is safe to keep a covered stockpile off of the ground away from buildings.

Be sure your chimney is in great condition right before you burn your cured firewood. Contact Buckeye Valley Chimney Service to have your chimney inspected once every year.

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