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Chimney ServicesChimney Services List


Chimney Inspection

Many people under estimate the importance of a chimney inspection. Your chimney, in many cases, is the only way of removing hazardous and sometimes deadly byproducts of combustion from your home. Just like visiting a Doctor regularly for the health of your body, your chimney should be inspected annually for the health and safety of your family and home.


Chimney Sweep

There are many times that your chimney may not need to be cleaned. There are also many times that it will need a chimney sweep, especially if you burn wood or coal.  Creosote and coal soot are both highly flammable byproducts of combustion. These are the byproducts that accumulate on the flue of your chimney. Failure to clean these byproducts from the flue could result in a chimney fire which could be hazardous to your family. With our chimney cleaning service, we will remove these combustible hazards from your chimney.


Fireplace Repair

A fireplace can be the focal point of a home or even a room in that home. Many people buy homes simply because it has a fireplace.  They later find out too late that the fireplace doesn’t work properly or is unsafe to use. Due to the complex structure of a properly built fireplace, there are many areas that over time will need repair. Whether your need for fireplace repair is due to aging or poor construction techniques, we could have the solution. A thorough inspection of your fireplace will reveal the problem areas and help us determine if a feasible fireplace repair is possible.


Chimney Repointing

The chimney on your home is one of the most predominant areas exposed to the elements. This is especially true where it passes the roof level. Over time, this exposure will result in softening and erosion of the mortar joints between your brick. If left unattended, this will ultimately result in loose bricks and possibly even the collapse of your chimney top. While a falling chimney could be disastrous, chimney repointing, if the erosion is caught early enough by our chimney services technicians, will restore the structural integrity of your chimney structure.


Crown Wash Repair

Most people are not familiar with the crown wash on a chimney structure. The crown wash is the area at the very top of your chimney. It is generally constructed of concrete and seals the entire chimney top around the flue tile or liner. The crown wash should be domed to force water to run off of the chimney top. Many times when the crown wash is constructed of inferior products, poorly constructed, or gets older, it will develop cracks which will allow water to enter the chimney structure. This water can cause damage to the brick and mortar joints as well as could cause damage internally to the house. Our chimney service technicians will inform you of any problems in the crown wash area and provide you with solutions to those problems.


Flashing Repair

Deteriorated or poorly installed chimney flashing is one of top reasons for internal water damage in homes. A small pin hole or open seam is capable of causing thousands of dollars of damage to a home. In most instances, flashing repair simply involves resealing any open areas, but depending on the severity of the problem, could result in replacing the flashing entirely. Our chimney services personnel will inspect your flashing for problems and provide you with a solution to that problem.


Chimney Rebuilding

Many times the chimney services listed above are not enough to restore the integrity of the chimney structure. This is when a chimney rebuilding becomes a necessity. Chimney rebuilding can be a costly process and should be left to a masonry company or a chimney services company familiar with the intricacies involved with the process.


Chimney Liner Installation

At Buckeye Valley Chimney Service, we specialize in chimney liner installation. Whether you need a chimney liner for your wood or coal burning appliance, or your gas or oil furnace, we will provide you with the solution to your problem. All of our liner installations are customized to your specific needs. We provide you with the best quality products at the most affordable price.


Chimney Cap Installation

A chimney cap is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make. A chimney cap will keep weather, debris, animals, or the dreaded down draft from entering your chimney. The chimney cap is the serve all tool for keeping your chimney healthy. Chimney caps come in all sizes, shapes, styles, and makes. A quick measurement by our chimney services personnel will provide you with the best choices for your chimney.


Chimney and Fireplace Products

At Buckeye Valley Chimney Service we provide access to a vast array of chimney products. Whether you need common products or hard to find items, we do our best to provide them for you. In most situations, these products can be shipped directly to your home. We offer easy online shopping for your convenience. To start shopping, click on the “Products” link at the top of this website, choose the product category, and get started. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us by phone or email.